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The Victory Gazette will be coming to you every quarter with news and updates of what is happening

at Victory Baptist.

Biblical Word

Wimples - A garment to cover the head and neck

Found in Isaiah 3:22

Bible Quiz

How close to the city of Jericho was the brook of Ziba?

Answer in Jan-March 2019 issue

Answer to last quarter's quiz...Nahash...1 Samuel 11:1-2


Please remember our missionaries who dedicate their lives to serve the Lord in foreign countries and here at home winning souls for Christ. Our Missionaries are:

Henry & Molly John - India

John & Bev Leonard - Brazil

Kent & Belen Albright - Spain

Jonathan & Tabitha Burgett - Japan

Bob & Penny Toomer - Utah

Gerald & Julie Hawk - Texas

Yvonne Miller - Missouri

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